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Franco Cavaleri, BSc

Franco graduated from the University of British Columbia, where he majored in Nutritional Science and Biochemistry. His postgraduate work was taken out of the education system and into private research in a move to maintain commercial control and corporate ownership of the cutting edge nutrient – based pharmacological property. He continues to focus on the latest gene-related and insulin-related nutraceutical research working with human, canine and other models (species-specific nutrigenomics). He has been a regular lecturer to pharmacy and other health care students of post secondary institutions introducing the pharmacology and drug interactions of some key nutraceuticals and how they too relate to nutrigenomic activity.

Cavaleri is also the author of the best-selling Potential Within: A Guide To Nutritional Empowerment.


GMOs—Control, Power and Money

What are the true motives behind the genetic manipulation of human and animal food crops? They have been hidden behind ethical fronts like the cure for world hunger, disease prevention, improved crop yields and reduced costs for consumers. However, the driving force behind genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is proving to be far from ethical; it’s all about control, power and money. The pharmaceutical industry has...