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Solving the Puzzle of Maximizing the Immune System

I have conquered multiple personal cancers. I am here and I am healthy. I have been on this challenging health journey a few times, forging my own path to maximize my immune system. It IS possible to address cancer without seriously damaging an already challenged immune system.

Cancer is not who we are. It is a transitory episode in our lives, a health challenge. It comes, it can go and it may come again.

Two very important questions are: "How do we maximize our immune system's abilities so we can live quality healthy lives, no matter how many times cancer appears?"

"How do we remove the interferences from our bodies, so our cells can communicate and our bodies can continually gently detoxify and regenerate?"

That is the puzzle to solve: to be healthier living with—and beyond—cancer.

"Holistic Healthier Approaches to Cancer," is the focus of my consulting practice. With referrals around the world from doctors, I focus on the basics first...the cause, not the symptom. If you Band-Aid the symptom, it will exhibit elsewhere. We must address cause.

Even though they may have value, no drug, no doctor and no surgery is smarter than your own body in knowing how to be healthy, when given the support it needs.

Detoxification and addressing the root cause pathways of cancer is critical. The objective is to maximize your body's ability to activate its healing mechanisms. Those mechanisms are on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. They are straightforward for you to employ on your behalf. You just need to know what they are.

FIRST, REMEMBER TO DETOXIFY DAILY AND GENTLY. Although research varies and percentages are changing, the general belief is that environmental toxins are contributing significantly to cancer. These toxins impede the body's abilities to be healthier by interfering in the cellular communications and detoxification pathways. Be careful, do not overdo this puzzle piece. Too much detoxification, too quickly, stresses the liver's ability to cleanse the body. We want to support the liver and don't want toxins reabsorbed rather than eliminated. I detoxify while I sleep, every night.

It is my passion to help guide people through the process of achieving a healthier life, through all kinds of challenges. I've provided some of the cornerstones to support you in this remarkable healing and immune system journey. It is important to realize that every step is a step forward. Perfection does not exist. There will always be more to know. You're here; you're reading now; you're learning. Take one step at a time and trust by acting on this information, you are improving your immune system.

Now activate your immune system: Close your eyes and hug yourself. Take a deep slow breath. Hum as you exhale (because the internal vibration of sound is physically beneficial). Envision the health you want as if it exists right now. Be grateful for that health and feel the relaxation as the stress leaves your body.


SECOND, I OFTEN RECOMMEND SPECIFIC GENOMIC TESTING. Genetic predispositions do not have to express, or manifest. With cancer, and health in general, knowledge of our personal genetic blueprint allows us to support our immune systems by mitigating our genetic deficiencies.

THIRD, A CORNERSTONE PUZZLE PIECE IS TO TRULY feel on every level, that Cancer is NOT a death sentence. CANCER IS A WAKE-UP CALL TO LIVE YOUR LIFE IN HEALTHIER WAYS! When you have the tools, the puzzle pieces, you can construct your healthier life.

FOURTH, BREATHE—DEEPLY AND SLOWLY. Breathe in slowly to a count of six or eight...hold it equally...and breathe out slowly. Stress is so harmful to the immune system, and breathing is the natural antidote.

Make it a habit. Every time you answer the phone, every time you go to the bathroom, every time you stop at a stoplight...BREATHE.

Gift yourself this priceless relaxation and oxygenation tool. It costs nothing but mindfulness. Drop your shoulders, take another breath. Feel how good that feels. Mother Nature is working on your behalf and you only have to breathe.

FIFTH, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Determine what your objectives are and where your compromises lie. You must be congruent with the choices you make and the path you follow. The mind and body must work together or else every step you take will be undermined by your own inconsistency.

SIXTH, BE A CRITICAL THINKER. If you have estrogen positive breast cancer, how can you achieve a healthier estrogen ratio, without taking drugs that have serious side effects? I did it in healthy ways, without drugs. I also had a basil cell skin cancer. After my three day protocol, and no surgery, it disappeared, as verified by the department head MD at UCSF dermatology surgery. One of my prostate cancer clients saw his markers fall to half in less than six weeks. It is important to believe in the ability of the body to heal, when the interferences are removed and given the support.

Adrea Brier, CNHP, CLC, JSJ

Adrea Brier, CNHP, CLC, JSJ is Certified as a Natural Health Professional and in Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Japanese art of energy healing.

Having personally conquered two breast cancer episodes and melanoma, she consults in identifying causes of cancer.
United States Tel: 415-308-4818