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Feeling fulfilled in one’s work and personal wellness is interconnected. When we do things we feel passionate about we enter into states of high energy that promotes positive health, which involves one’s mind, body and spirit. The mind engages in subtle, complex and powerful interactions with the body, so it comes as no surprise that emotional and mental well-being are directly linked to physical health.

To be whole or, healthy, means, our thoughts, feelings and actions are in harmony with each other. We are doing things in the world we find joy in and things that are in tune with our innermost feelings. This is especially important in our work lives, which accounts for nearly one half (or more) of our waking lives. True success in our work is not just by gaining material possessions or status. It is also measured by the feeling of high energy and exuberance we often experience in what we do and in what we give to others in the course of our work: that feeling in turn also nourishes our soul.

In working with highly successful people in business, government, various types of services and creative fields, I found that the secret to their success is the ability to bring these congruent “high” mental and emotional states such as love and passion to their work. The connection between passion and what one does is the hallmark of highly successful people. They emit a potent energy that comes from within and inspires those around them.

Eidetic Images are images developed by Dr. Akhter Ahsen, the leading theoretician in the field of Consciousness Psychology. Eidetic Imaging techniques can help you find your own natural ‘high’ to powerfully enhance both your career and sense of wellbeing. Eidetic Images are bright holographic images stored in the mind of all of our life’s experience. They can be explored in detail with great clarity and offer many fresh details and new perspectives. They allow you to clearly see yourself doing your work in your mind’s eye bringing you fresh awareness and details about nuances and feeling states you may consciously not be aware of. They also reveal your innermost feelings involved in your work and the personal meaning it has for you.

When you see Eidetic images of your career situation you can discover the force that truly motivates you. By making this connection between your work and your authentic positive feeling for it, you too can discover the unique spirit to your success. In discovering the link between the product (a toy, a purse, a car), or service (the lecture you give, the help you provide, the great novel you are writing) and your authentic positive feeling for it, you imbue your endeavor with a positive energy others sense and that draws them to you.

The following is an example of how a team of elite designers of men’s suits I worked with were able to find the “high” that made them successful in their work. They were searching for ideas that would enhance their designs in order to increase sales. One of the most effective Eidetic tools they utilized was making a connection between themselves and what excited them about their suits, seeing themselves touching the cloth, smelling it, asking themselves what it was that made them enthused about selling it. One designer said she got high making people look good in the garments she created. Another designer was inspired by the richness, color and beauty of the cloth he chose in making his garments.

Although each designer was inspired by the richness, color and beauty of the cloth he chose in making his garments. Although each designer had a different motivation for designing clothing, they all experienced a similar “high” and sense of fulfillment as a result of working at what they loved.

Making a connection between a product or service we provide and our genuine feelings for it doesn’t just relate to physical products. There is a deep connection between success, passion and work. People say it is truly bliss when they can express the unique gifts within them in their work. Doing so is giving to others the best that is in them. Giving to others and making a difference in someone’s life is one of the greatest pleasures they can experience. Thus, seeing and feeling one’s unique passion about what one does elicits their natural motivation and, as a result, one exudes an aura of sincerity and excitement in their product or service which others naturally respond to.


Here is an Eidetic image through which to discover your own ‘high’ state for what you do.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Allow the following image to form in your mind’s eye. Become aware of your feelings as you see the image. (You can open and close your eyes as you alternately read and visualize the instruction.)

  1. See an image of the work you do.
  2. See yourself doing it.
  3. See what you enjoy about it.
  4. See what you enjoy that gives you a high feeling.
  5. Feel the high feeling and let it get stronger.
  6. Notice what gives you the most pleasure or energy? This is the high in what you do.
  7. Now, see yourself at work in this high state.
  8. Let the pleasure, the high state get stronger.
  9. See yourself expressing this passion, this high at work.
  10. How is your work now?

Imagination opens you to your deepest inspiration, health and power. Go with this inspiration into the world!

Jaqueline Lapa Sussman, MS, LPC

For more than 30 years, author Jaqueline Lapa Sussman has applied the techniques of Eidetic Imagery in her work as a counselor, speaker and teacher. One of the foremost Eidetic practitioners in the world, over the last two decades she has been the protégé and close associate of Dr. Akhter Ahsen, Ph.D., the founder and developer of modern Eidetics and pioneer in the field of mental imagery.