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Linda Roxanne Bryer

Linda Roxanne Bryer, a 25-year veteran in the natural health industry, is an award-winning writer and president of Santa Cruz, California-based Bryer Advertising & Public Relations, a boutique agency responsible for the successful launch of numerous innovative natural products. She specializes in working with “Clients With Science™.” Linda Roxanne has extensive experience in writing a wide variety of original collateral material for both online and offline publications, and in every segment of the market. The results for her clients include industry recognition and numerous awards. Contact Linda Roxanne at 831-588-8767

Author’s note: I am more passionate than ever about the message of “Early detection is the best protection.” I just lost a very dear and special friend—an amazing and powerful woman—to this disease because it was caught too late. I’m dedicating this article to her, Bert Ardantz.

This is a wonderful time of year for health. Just about every media outlet—both online and offline—join in reminding us that October is Breast Cancer Awareness...