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Dear Readers,

Happy Mother's Day

Welcome to the May 2019 issue of TotalHealthOnline Magazine.

Charles K. Bens, PhD, in “Is Your Food Killing You?” describes how we got here to the current quality of our food supply and what we can do to improve our diet to have a healthy body. You can plant your own garden in pots or in the ground, shop at farmer’s markets, buy organic and read the labels on the foods at the grocery store where you purchase your groceries. Know what the listed ingredients are, what they mean for you and your family’s health. As Bens tells us it is the best way we can stay healthy, educate ourselves on what we eat. It’s the best for our health and in Bens’ opinion the best way to avoid the health care industry.

NaPCA: A Natural Moisturizing Factor For Dry Skin,” Gene Bruno, MS, MHS, RH(AHG), presents a primer in dry skin. The stratum corneum (SC) is the outermost layer of the skin, which is often thought of as just dead skin cells. The truth is the SC is a highly dynamic layer of cells that is essential to maintaining skin moisture. Describing the Stratum corneum Bruno uses an analogy of “bricks and mortar.” NaPCA/PCA is the most prevalent natural moisturizing factor in human skin. It promotes SC water binding capacity, allowing the SC to maintain liquid water against the drying action of the environment. NaPCA/PCA levels can decline with age, skin conditions like psoriasis, and even with washing with soap.

Jacob E. Teitelbaum, MD, offers “Cell Danger Response.” In addition to treating the biochemistry of many chronic illnesses and fibromyalgia with the SHINE Protocol, it is critical to understand that our brain and minds direct our immune system. So many of us have felt that we are under both physical attacks (e.g.—infections) along with being in a very unsafe physical and emotional environment. The latter is especially a concern in PTSD. Then our immune system ends up lashing out wildly and ineffectually at everything. This can trigger a host of autoimmune illnesses, fibromyalgia, and environmental sensitivities. So what to do? Read on for full information.

Hunger Hormones and Smart Fats,” brought to us by Ann Louise Gittleman’s, PhD, CNS. By decoding all of your body’s distress signals and making some simple diet and exercise changes, you can restore optimal health while speeding up metabolism, overcoming stress and banishing hunger. Smart Fats are one of the top strategies for natural hormone therapy.

Gloria Gilbère, CDP, DAHom, PhD, contributes “The Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken And Cilantro.” In addition to family history on cilantro, Dr. Gloria includes the nutrition value of chicken breast with her recipe of cilantro chicken. The article is followed by her new cookbook and video free offer to readers.

Shawn Messonnier’s, DVM, topic this month is “Garlic Use In Pets.” Yes, garlic is beneficial to pets. If you don’t have a pet you may still have a smile when you see who is a chef in the kitchen. Avoid the onions for dogs.

Thank you to our authors, readers, and advertisers. You make TotalHealthOnline possible.

Best in health,

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Click here to read the full May 2019 issue.

Click here to read the full May 2019 issue.

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