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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the September 2019 issue of TotalHealth Online Magazine.

This issue begins with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s introduction to a dear friend, Jon Lovgren, author of the new book “The Magic Words.” (Caution: there are several books with similar titles, so be sure you get the one by him.) “You may think I am speaking about forgiving others. That’s part of it. But sometimes even harder and more important is forgiving ourselves. This can be much easier than you ever imagined.” It strikes TotalHealth as a simple method that all of us can do that may help us release much of the unwanted traumas and baggage we carry around. See what you think—it won’t cost you to try it.

Gene Bruno, MS, MHS, Rh(Ahg), and Arthur Presser, PharmD, present an introduction to homeopathy. They include the history of Samuel Hahnemann: The Father of Homeopathy, how it began, how it works. They explain the Law of Similars simply stated is a therapeutic method based on the principle that illness can be successfully treated by giving infinitesimal doses of substances which, if given to healthy individuals in much larger amounts, will cause symptoms similar to those of the illness being treated. Homeopathy seems to work on an energetic basis, much the same as certain other types of alternative medicine practices including acupuncture, Reiki and Johrei, Qigong, and Healing Touch.

Ann Louise Gittleman PhD, CNS, The Smart Kitchen—Part 1. This may first appear as a “done that” but truly is an undated 21st century way to set up and begin the process of having a healthy kitchen. Ann Louise explains the health reasons behind every suggestion. And gives us a total picture on how to start with the basics and how this affects our health and that of our families. Part two in the series will appear in the October issue.

Gloria Gilbère, CDP, DAHom, PhD, presents Creamy Celery Basil Soup—A Lovage Explosion! a yummy-sounding recipe for Creamy Celery Basil Soup. This is a recipe made without the nightshade family. In place of potatoes, Gloria suggests using cream cheese and/or try sour cream. As always, she includes the health benefits of several of the ingredients, basil, and lovage. This is followed by her new cookbook and video offer free to our readers.

Shawn Messonnier’s, DVM, Asthma in Pets-Part 1. Asthma is an inflammatory disease affecting the smooth muscle of the bronchi of cats, and rarely dogs. The inflammation causes reversible airflow obstruction through smooth muscle constriction, bronchial wall fluid buildup (edema), and thickening of the mucous glands of the airways. This inflammation, occurring as a result of a reaction (allergy) to environmental allergens (foreign proteins), causes coughing and/or wheezing. Secondary infection (pneumonia) is reported to occur in 24 to 42 percent of cats with asthma. Because feline heartworm disease can cause signs that mimic asthma, all cats with respiratory signs should be screened for feline heartworm disease. As much as possible, owners should try to minimize environmental factors (such as cigarette smoke, dust, hair spray, and perfume) that can trigger an asthmatic attack. Read on, Messonnier has more to share on asthma.

Thank you to our authors, readers, and advertisers. You make TotalHealth online possible.

Best in health,

TWIP—The Wellness Imperative People

Click here to read the full September 2019 issue.

Click here to read the full September 2019 issue.

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