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The New Symbol of A Proven Guarantee of Trust in Botanical Extracts

The PhytoProof® Seal Guarantees Truth on ALL Labels of Euromed's Extracts: Tested, Documented & Certified

Presto, PA April, 2016
For more than 40 years, Euromed has been exemplary in creating and maintaining the highest standards in botanical extract processing. So it's no surprise that they are leading the way today, in these times of more scrutiny than ever before. With recent events focusing a harsh spotlight on the quality of herbal products, due to random "testing" that the Attorney General of New York conducted, doubt has crept into the minds of the industry, the media, and the public. Euromed's team made it their mission to reassure those who use their extracts that each and every botanical is of the highest quality. In addition to their long-standing process of verifying IPP (identity, purity, and potency), they are now introducing the newly created visual emblem that gives a name to their meticulous process: PhytoProof®. What does this mean? When this seal appears on any package or label, it signifies that the botanical extract inside comes from Euromed, and is therefore a guarantee that it's the real deal, the one that can be 100% trusted to deliver what it promises.

Reassurance At Its Best: The PhytoProof® Process
It is rare to find a company so totally dedicated to keeping the bar set high in creating trust in all their botanical extract ingredients as Euromed. This ongoing commitment to excellence is what led the team at Euromed to create the extensive PhytoProof® process. This comprehensive course of action involves extensive documented testing, including more than 20 laboratory tests for EACH batch, providing proof that each botanical extract is made correctly and in conformance with all the US FDA GMP requirements for identity, purity and potency. Manufacturers who include Euromed's ingredients, and consumers who ingest them, are assured that they are getting the correct species, with NO adulteration and NO contamination by heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxins, or other microbes - AND with the correct plant chemistry that assures the product will work safely and effectively.

The PhytoProof® Seal sets Euromed, and the manufacturers who include Euromed's ingredients in their products, apart from anyone else in the industry. It certifies that Euromed has documented proof of extensive testing for each batch, as well as third party certifications of its GMP systems and practices. This is Euromed's Guarantee of Quality, and is the cornerstone that allows everyone that they can BE SURE of all botanical ingredients from Euromed.

"We have always helped companies in the natural health industry to keep the integrity of their company, and their cutting edge formulations, in favorable view from customers, and the media as well. Now, with the recognizable PhytoProof® seal, it will be even easier for manufacturers who include our botanical extracts to be seen, both within the industry and by consumers, as a shining example of excellence, safety, and regulatory compliance," stated Joe Veilleux, CEO of Euromed USA and a Registered Pharmacist.

Dr. Pilar Pais, PhD, Head of Quality Control, stated Euromed's goal: "With the creation of our PhytoProof® seal, we aim to help the industry's herbal product manufacturers to reclaim consumer trust, eliminate all doubts about botanical extracts, and assure regulatory compliance through certification every time."

Consistently Setting The Highest Standards
The PhytoProof® seal is the latest symbol to look for from Euromed, and it proudly joins the other certifications and acknowledgements that the company has so diligently worked to obtain. In 2012, Euromed earned both the NSF cGMP Certification AND the environmental award of ISO 14001 Certification. GMP registration verifies that Euromed has the proper methods, equipment, facilities, and controls ALL in place for producing dietary supplement products. Utilizing GMP guidelines assists companies in developing and maintaining proper controls in their manufacturing process so that products are processed, manufactured and labeled in a consistent manner, and meet quality standards. Euromed, "Thinking Green," took five years to meticulously re-engineer their facility to meet the ISO criteria. "This certification verifies that Euromed is one of the world's leaders in environmentally friendly production," Veilleux says, "and that's very important to us -- we rely on plants, the Earth's natural, renewable resources, not only for our business but for our personal health."

Euromed supplies standardized botanical and herbal extracts and natural active substances for use in the pharmaceutical, health food, and cosmetics industries. By extracting the necessary chemicals, the company can guarantee its products meet the precise chemical specifications necessary. Euromed was founded 40 years ago. Its parent company is the 100-year-old Rottapharm-Madaus corporation based in Italy, and recently, the company was acquired by The Riverside Company. The US facility is in Presto, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 412-279-8808.

PRESS CONTACT: Linda Roxanne Bryer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 831-588-8767

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