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Breast Choices for the Best Chances: Your Breasts, Your Life, and How You Can Win the Battle! is a masterpiece! It is the best advice I have ever seen for women dealing with breast cancer, and the information is presented in very logical, easy-to-read and understand language, and strongly backed by research.

Sandy and Shawn Messonnier have written not only a personal account of her experiences with a disease most women fear beyond imagination, but also they have produced one of the best books on the issue I have ever seen. Their work is not only well written, easy to understand and written with a beautiful prose, but the information is presented logically throughout the entire book and backed by some of the best science available.

I was especially pleased with the information in the chapter on statistics and the mammography controversy. Every chapter takes women through clear explanations of each step in their travels through this mysterious and often frightening world and gives them confidence and hope. I am also pleased that Sandy openly shares her faith and the importance of faith in dealing with this disease—even when the results are not as one hoped.

Every woman should carefully read this wonderful work from Sandy’s heart.”

Russell L. Blaylock, MD
Author: Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients
Available at

Shawn Messonnier, DVM

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Shawn Messonnier DVM Past Supporting Member, Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians Author, the award-winning The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats, The Natural Vet’s Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs, and Breast Choices for the Best Chances: Your Breasts, Your Life, and How YOU Can Win The Battle!

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