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Stuart Reeves. PhD, ARCS

Stuart Reeves, Embria’s Director of Research and Development, is responsible for the company’s internal research and external studies. He is one of the author’s of The Key to a Healthy Immune System, and has been instrumental in spearheading research investigating the concept of balanced immune health. Dr. Reeves has authored dozens of peer-reviewed papers for such publications as the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Food and Agricultural Immunology, Advances in Therapy, Nutrition Research Journal, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, The Open Nutrition Journal and Urologic Nursing.

Dr. Reeves has extensive international experience in the food and beverage industries, including various aspects of processing and analysis. Most recently, he was the primary senior scientist for Diamond V Mills, Inc., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and laid the scientific foundation for many of their research-based animal nutrition products.

Website: Stuart Reeves, PhD, ARCS

Face it. Life is a balancing act. Between work, relationships, parental duties, staying fit, academic efforts, maintaining friendships, community involvement and personal fulfillment, it’s a wonder most of us can even find time to catch our breath. Yet we soldier forward with all our obligations and commitments because we have to, and in most cases, we want to. But when life gets so hectic the stress of it all impacts our mental and physical well-being, it’s time to take...