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Dear Pharmacist,

My wife and I have always had a healthy sex life but lately, I’m not to able take care of matters. It is affecting our relationship badly. My physician prescribed Cialis which works, but I don’t want to rely on medicine at my age! According to blood tests, I still have high cholesterol, so I have to keep taking my statin drug which I’ve taken for 7 months. What should I do?

--R.T., Sanibel, Florida

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Dear Readers,

Are you worried about your teen being on drugs? Do you think your spouse had a drink and lied to you? Are you trying to conceive a baby and curious to know when you’re ovulating? Testing for all of this is now possible at home. There are dozens of tests to choose from, search the Internet. Here are just a few home test kits that I found which do not require prescription. They are sold both online and at many pharmacies:

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