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appetite control

  • Identify Your Craving Type to Activate Your Natural Appetite Control

    Julia Ross
    Flatiron Books
    ISBN: 9781250063199

    Drop the addictive sweets and starches and stop gaining weight in just 24 hours with The Craving Cure: Identify Your Craving Type to Activate Your Natural Appetite Control, featuring a 5-part questionnaire to help identify your personal craving profile. Best-selling author, nutrition and overeating expert Julia Ross (media features include Vogue to the Journal of the American Psychological Association as well as online and on radio and television programs) exposes the real reason so many of us can't stick to a healthy diet: our favorite foods are engineered to be addictive.

    At her clinic in California, Ross and her colleagues treat food addiction where it starts—in the brain—building up our natural appetite-regulating neurotransmitters with targeted nutrients called amino acids. It turns out that these brain-fueling concentrates can reprogram our brain's appetite-control capacity in minutes, allowing the brain to start broadcasting sensations of satisfaction that no food including chocolate, can override. Thousands of Ross's clients have abolished their cravings for high-calorie confections using this simple nutritional strategy.

    The Craving Cure grants all of us access to Ross' revolutionary approach. The process begins with the 5-part questionnaire that identifies readers' unique craving profile and specifies the amino acid supplements needed to curb their specific type of craving.

    Following Ross's clear explanations of why and how to use aminos we can quickly stop craving toxic treats and empower ourselves to regain our natural, inborn taste for healthy food. This makes Ross' anti-craving eating guidelines easy to adapt to permanently. These guidelines take us back to eating habits we followed before what Ross calls "The dietary disaster" that hit in the 1970s. Well-researched and clinically-tested, they reject low-calories, low-saturated fat and low-protein diets. With The Craving Cure's brain and body strategy we can effortlessly eradicate our craving, rediscover our nutritional heritage, and establish optimal health and weight.

    Some of the topics covered in "The Craving Cure" include:

    • The real reason so many of us can't stick to a healthy diet
    • How readers can easily keep their New Year's resolutions
    • A five-pat questionnaire that identifies each reader's unique craving profile
    • How we can turn off our own fatal attraction to addictive foods where they start—in the brain
    • Why Ross' anti-craving eating guidelines include butter and beef
    Which of the 5 Types of Food Craving Is Your Brain Generating?
    1. Depressed Craver: Are your cravings caused by a deficiency of serotonin, your brain's inner sunshine?
    2. Crashed Craver: Are your cravings caused by blood sugar drops?
    3. Comfort Craver: Are your cravings caused by a deficiency of natural pleasing endorphins?
    4. Stressed Craver: Do you crave because your brain's levels of GABA are too low?
    5. Fatigued Craver: Do you crave because you're deficient in your naturally stimulating catecholamines?

    The more types of cravings you have, and the higher your scores the stronger your cravings. But don't worry, The Craving Cure can clear it all up in as little as one day.