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  • This is an amazing health solution for millions of people. Learn about the very first iron-free solution for iron deficiency and high ferritin. Dr. Sherrill Sellman introduces us to IronCatch which helps us to properly absorb iron from the food we eat just as nature intended. IRON CATCH is a food supplement with a patented formulation that elevates the Iron absorption from food 3-5 times more than regular. IRON CATCH increases iron absorption from your everyday food, naturally, with no adverse reactions.

    Read Dr. Sherrill Sellman's article "IronCatch: The First Iron-Free Solution for Iron Deficiency" in TotalHealth Magazine

    Go to the IronCatch website for more information or to order.
  • Join John as he learns about Saberation, a new and unique gym offering a fun way to get in great shape. Saberation founder, Edward Armstrong, takes us inside his gym to explain why people are having so much fun getting in shape. Saberation offers online training for personal trainers who would like to bring this fitness program to their local gym or complete franchises. May the force be with you.

    For more information, you can go directly to: