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stress management

    PRESS CONTACT: Linda Roxanne Bryer 831-588-8767

    NEW Ingredient from Euromed USA: ABAlife™, the first extract of fig fruit (ficus carica L) standardized to Abscisic Acid, or ABA.

    Introducing ABAlife™ fig fruit extract shown in scientific studies to be beneficial in glycemic control, carbohydrate metabolism, and stress management

    Bridgeville, PA October 2, 2017
    Furthering their reputation as the leaders in therapeutic botanical extracts, Euromed USA is the first to bring a proven, new standardized extract to the global ingredient marketplace: ABAlife™, from the fig fruit. Coming out of Euromed's headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, the company has an exclusive license agreement with BioTherapeutics Inc. for the patented technology to create absiscic acid (ABA).

    The patents licensed by Euromed are entitled: "Method of using abscisic acid to treat diseases and disorders" (Patent numbers 7,741,1367 and 8,367,727), and the Inventors are Josep Bassaganya-Riera, Raquel Hontecillas, and Amir Guri. The invention relates to biologically active compounds (ABA) that treat and prevent insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance. The patents provide protection for structure-function claims related to ABA and maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels and similar statements.

    By partnering with BioTherapeutics, "Euromed continues to seek ingredient innovation that will address broad-based health concerns for consumers globally," commented Guy Woodman, GM of Euromed USA. "ABAlife™, our trade name for this ingredient, can provide a safe and effective dietary supplement to aid in correcting impaired carbohydrate metabolism."

    The average American consumes 19.5 teaspoons of sugar every day. That quantity adds up to 66 pounds of added sugar consumed per person every year. Sugar increases the level of glucose in the blood and causes the pancreas to release insulin. Higher insulin leads to more storage of dietary calories as fat. ABAlife™ assists insulin release and lowers blood glucose.

    According to Centers For Disease Control, another 86 million adults - more than one in three U.S. adults - have prediabetes, where their blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes. Without weight loss and moderate physical activity, 15 to 30 percent of people with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes within five years.

    According to the latest U.S. dietary survey, about 92 percent of the population might have a deficient intake of ABA due to their deficient intake of fruits and vegetables that is under the recommended 4.5 servings per day. High glucose concentrations cause the β-pancreatic cells to release ABA which in turn simulates insulin release, suggesting a beneficial effect of ABA in glycemic control. ABA consumed as a dietary supplement will be an aid in improving glucose tolerance in healthy individuals and those seeking health enhancement.

    About ABAlife™
    ABAlife™ is a proprietary all-natural line of botanical extracts that contain abscisic acid. The first product to be introduced is an extract from fig fruit, Ficus carica L. Figs, a long-standing foodstuff of Mediterranean populations grow naturally throughout Spain and have one of the highest concentrations of abscisic acid found in nature. About 92% of Americans do not consume adequate fruits and vegetables and may be deficient in ABA. ABA Life delivers the scientifically proven health benefits of ABA while avoiding additional calories associated with eating figs.

    About Euromed S.A.
    Euromed, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, produces standardized botanical extracts and natural active substances for use in the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. By extracting the necessary phytochemicals, the company can guarantee that each batch of its extracts meets the same profile documented in clinical studies to be safe and effective. The company was established by Madaus GmbH and is now owned by The Riverside Company, with its US office located in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania.

    About BioTherapeutics Inc.
    BioTherapeutics synergistically combines the power of advanced computational modeling with preclinical and clinical experimentation to accelerate the development of innovative nutritional ingredients for a personalized healthy lifestyle.

    For additional information about Euromed's extracts, call 877-696-3960 or visit

  • 99 Simple Ways to Channel Your Secret Edge

    Julian Brass
    Foreword by Joe Minran
    Page Two Books
    267 pages
    $16.95 USD
    $19.95 CND
    ISBN 978-1-989025-62-8

    Own Your Anxiety book by Julian Brass

    Anxiety seems to have overtaken society. The author’s premise in “Own Your Own Anxiety” is “about owning your anxiety rather than being owned by it. It’s about seeing that anxiety as a gift, an invitation to a better way of living.” There are none of the usual “Get rid of” or “heal yourself.”

    We have all been there when the situation sets our nerves to take over and run through our bodies turning us into a revolving whirl, it can be when we are put in a spotlight, going on stage, giving a presentation, dealing with a personal trauma, taking a test, relationship issues, going to the dentist or hearing results from your doctor. Some of us are more prone to these situations than others. We all have different reactions with our genetics influencing our own responses on various levels of seriousness. Most of us who have experienced anxiety know how to deal with it in a negative way i.e., eating, drinking, smoking, the list goes on. Here is your opportunity to turn those anxious moments into positive energy.

    Brass focuses on 99 ways to convert your anxieties into working for you. And it is amazingly easy to get started with the help of “Own Your Own Anxiety.” The book is formatted into three parts: Own Your Body, Own Your Mind, and Own Your Soul. Within you’ll find The 99 ways—”Owning Anxiety is a series of decisions, all undertaken with love for your self.” You may find it helpful to refer to the book on a daily basis or sit down and go through the index marking the topics that are of interest to you. And later read those topics. Brass does have a way of turning issues into a positive and pleasant style.

    Topics vary to name a few—Breathe, Smile More, Swim, Quit Or Reduce Coffee, Laugh More Often, Don’t Park Illegally, Give Gratitude, Know Your Direction, Keep Your Phone Away From Your Bed, Say “No” More, Own Your Finances, Visualize, and Get To Know Your Crossing Guard are just a few of the 99 featured.

    You may find that not all of the 99 themes apply to you but you may have a family member or a friend that may benefit from having their own copy of “Own Your Own Anxiety.”