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The NEW Fat Flush Journal & Shopping Guide

  • Many weight loss and healthy lifestyle programs recommend journaling. If you're overlooking it as an optional element—stop! In this sneak peak of The NEW Fat Flush Journal & Shopping Guide I share exactly why jotting down your daily triumphs, setbacks, highs, and lows is anything but unnecessary. In fact, it's setting a solid foundation for success.

    You are the masterpiece of your own life.


    Welcome to your Fat Flush journey.
    My hope is that during this time, as your body detoxes, heals, and renews, so will your spirit. Quite simply, please think of this guide as Fat Flush first aid for your soul.

    That's because Fat Flush is much more than just a weight loss program. It's a complete lifestyle transformation on all levels that makes you feel so good and makes you feel so good about yourself (your clothes start to feel looser, your energy increases, your cravings diminish, and your skin looks radiant) that you simply choose not to relapse into those old habits that don't support your best self.

    It's time for you to join the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have fully embraced the Fat Flush lifestyle and experienced a true rebirth of their physical and mental wellbeing. But you don't have to do it alone.

    Sometimes we all need a gentle nudge or a burst of inspiration to keep us motivated, remind us of why we started, or reignite our goals if we've gotten off track. That's exactly what this journal is for and why it's such an important component of the Fat Flush experience. It provides a safe haven or sanctuary where you don't have to take care of anyone but yourself. It allows you reflective time to discover and embrace your most authentic self.

    For many of you, this journal may be the only opportunity where, for a few minutes, you get to focus entirely on yourself, reflecting on your progress, celebrating your triumphs¡Xbig and small¡Xand being entirely candid with yourself about what areas need improvement.

    Journaling is also a tool that works wonders to help you to identify triggers associated with falling back on old habits. It's amazing how helpful it is to see in writing what emotions and challenges you faced during the day alongside what your diet consisted of. Once you've identified these triggers, you can be prepared the next time you face them. For example, if you notice that after high-stress situations, your response is to immediately reach for a comfort food, make sure a yummy but healthy choice is easily accessible for the next time a stressor surfaces.

    When it comes to your weight, I'm a firm believer in throwing out the scale—but not throwing in the towel¡X when you don't see your weight budging. While I provide space for you to record your weight, always keep in mind that as you begin to tone up, your size can decrease while your weight may remain the same. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat. The best measurement of success is your tape measure, which is why I want you to measure yourself once a week.

    The Fat Flush Journal helps you keep tabs on all the little steps along the way in your personal Fat Flush journey. As the latest research continues to show, it is those babystep changes that you make day by day in your eating habits that have the longest-lasting effects. For example, many Fat Flushers use phase 1 for periodic detox and cleansing and follow their regular eating programs for the rest of the time. But they integrate their Fat Flush staples¡Xlike the daily eight glasses of cran-water¡Xas part of their ¡§normal¡¨ dietary regimens.

    This journal can help you to identify the unconscious physical and emotional roadblocks to both weight loss and overall health, thus enabling you to fix them and get back in the driver's seat. Once you are back on track, the following sage advice will keep you there:

    "Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."
    This is my favorite inspirational quote of all time, from Calvin Coolidge, the president of the United States.

    Keeping this quote on your laptop or on your desk and journaling through the experience should help to take away your guilt and remorse when you deviate from the Fat Flush path. You just get up and dust yourself off and keep on truckin'.

    I've included motivational quotes on every day of the journal so that you can find new inspiration each time you write.

    Daily journaling can also help to pinpoint where you need to tweak your diet if you have hit a plateau. It can help you to set realistic goals and know when you have achieved them. It can help you get back to your authentic self and regain your personal power.

    In addition to the journal pages, I have provided a shopping list to make Fat Flush as convenient as possible on the shopping front. This handy list includes my favorite brands to make your next trip to the grocery store a breeze!

    I've also included a vitality and wellness section with my favorite tried-and-true remedies to recharge, relax, and feel truly radiant from the inside out. It's "the cranberry on top," so to speak.

    I personally congratulate each and every one of you who is so courageous in striking out to lead a more conscious and balanced life. The time has come for you to start to recognize and acknowledge your own progress in making better diet and lifestyle choices.

    Now, welcome to your new Fat Flush lifestyle—and the journey to your most healthy, happy, authentic self.

    Get started today with your copy of The NEW Fat Flush Journal & Shopping Guide. This handy guide includes not only a detailed journal with daily motivation, but also a shopping list for all three phases. I like to consider it the Cliff Notes of Fat Flush.