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Shelli Wright

Shelli Wright spent much of her career launching products as an advertising copywriter and creative director. After meeting Anea Bogue in 2006 (of REALgirl Empowerment Programs), she was inspired to turn her creative attention to the issues of girls and women, and the two women co-founded TrueMoon. Shelli is dedicated to providing self-esteem building products and lives in LA with her son and daughter.

In addition to making sure our daughters have healthy options for their bodies, we all want to give them healthy ideas for their mental well-being too. As the founders of an organic tampon company, and director of self-esteem programs for girls, we’ve spent years talking to adolescents and parents about menstruation, or the “moon” cycle. Although everyone is unique, the curiosity of girls and the anxiety of parents associated this conversation is pretty universal, so here are a...